Why Security Holograms

Why Security Hologram? 3D Hologram Labels Features.
Manufacturers spend millions of dollars to produce products and documents in the hopes that consumers will buy them. Consumers on the other hand expect to get what they pay for. Counterfeiters cost both manufacturers and consumers major losses. The magnitude of the POTENTIAL LOSS is staggering.
Manufacturers are robbed of revenue while consumers are robbed of quality products and performance guarantees. Counterfeiters have existed since the earliest days of trade, but technology and a lack of measures on the part of manufacturers has helped their numbers, and their profits, grow.
Producers of currency, passports, drivers' licenses, manufacturers of brand name
products, and other valuable products know firsthand how devastating the counterfeiting trade can be.
Security Holograms wants to STOP counterfeiters in their tracks! Security hologram labels dedicated to eliminating cheap imitation products and documents from the marketplace. We accomplish this by selling high quality, highly secure 3D hologram stickers designed to protect products and documents from becoming counterfeited.
We go to great lengths to ensure the security of our 3D hologram labels so that our customers can be sure that their products are safe and secure. Security Hologram picture integrate into the printing and packaging process seamlessly and can be used by software manufacturers, passport producers, and car manufacturers, creators of brand name products, credit card companies, CD producers, and telephone card distributors. The possibilities are UNLIMITED!!
What exactly is Holography? Holography is the process by which 3D (three-dimensional) visual information is recorded, stored, and replayed. Some of our 3D holographic labels incorporate machine read devices to validate the object of value at the point of redemption or for random verification in the product marketplace. This machine read device assures complete accuracy in determining the holographic label validity. The machine and security hologram label together create a secure environment.
Security holograms' 3D images appear when held under certain light. A unique feature of the 3D hologram labels is the "parallax" which is the ability to see a scene and colors from many angles and depths. The colorful effect comes from microstructures within the hologram label, which cause diffraction of the light hitting them.
Another feature of security hologram sticker is the complex optical patterns that
they contain. These patterns encode information about the depth and photographic appearance of the image.
Creating the master security hologram (originator) requires precision optical instruments, lasers and special photosensitive materials. Some produced hologram picture known as "covert" because the information is imbedded within the 3D hologram sticker and is only visible under certain types of light allowing for an additional level of security and verification. After the master security hologram is created, the image can be mass-produced in a variety of formats.
If you need a solution to protect your company and your customers from inferior imitators, look to Security Hologram, LLC. a hologram maker, to deliver your customized holograms, BETTER, FASTER AND AT A LOWER COST while meeting all of your security needs.