Heat Transfer Security Hologram ID Overlays

The Heat Transfer Security Hologram ID Overlays size, security hologram image and security features can be fully customized for you. Please contact our sales team at sales@securityhologram.com to get professional proposals, artworks and quotation. 

The hologram heat transfer overlay is a kind of transparent security film with separate and transfer features. It’s also called hologram overlay varnish ribbon.

Using the hologram ID overlay with optical security information which does thermal transfer on cards and documents, effectively protects the personalized information from tampering.

Currently, there are two types of hologram heat transfer film produced by Suzhou Image Laser Company. One is used for card-type documents, such as personal identification documents, entry and exit permit documents, and other security identification documents.

The other is used for book-type documents, such as a passport. Their existence is to prevent the theft and tampering of personal information.

| ID Card Hologram Heat Transfer Film |

After being laminated with the ID card, the PET layer on the hologram thermal transfer film is separated, and the optical security information protection layer is transferred to the surface of the ID card.

The finished product has a seamless visual effect to ensure it’s easy to check personalized printing information that pre-printed on the card body and can protect them from tampering.

| Features of ID Card Heat Transfer Film |

  • Packing in roll, 400pcs/roll.
  • Use the special laminator to do heat transfer.
  • The optical security layer can’t be peeled off after transfer
  • Multiple optical technologies protect your card from counterfeiting.
  • The size of the optical security layer is the right fit on the card surface, very nice.

| Specification of ID Card Hologram Transfer Overlay |

Size Thickness Roll direction Core
60*48mm 21um Vertical/horizontal 3 Inch core/ Customized core

| Using Advice of ID Card Transfer Overlay |

Operational environment Check card material, heat transfer machine features, core size, card entry mode. Ensure machine temperature reach 180°C±5°C, speed is 8mm-10mm/S
Storage environment Temperature 20°C – 30°C, Humidity 45%-60%
Executive standard GB/T17554.1-2006 GB/T1766-2008
Card substrate PVC/PETG
Common problems Dirty card cause poor combination, partial abscission, or raised spots


| Book Type Hologram Thermal Transfer Overlay |

PET as the carrier, with multiple layers resin material, One side is customized micro-nano optical security pattern, the other side (outer) with hot-melt glue.

Documents and hologram thermal transfer overlay were bonded, then PET film released, transfer hologram security pattern on documents under high temperature.

Laminate security hologram pattern on certificate by special equipment after personalized information printed. Online or offline laminate available. Mostly used for passport, seafarers’ certificates, etc to prevent personalized information from tampering.

| Specification of Book Type Thermal Transfer Overlay |

Size Thickness Film Direction Inner Core Packaging
75mm*140mm 21μm Vertical 3 Inch core/Customized 400 pcs/roll

| Using Advice of Book Type Hologram Transfer Overlay |

Operational environment Recommended transfer temperature 180 ℃ ± 5 ℃, speed 8mm-10mm/s
Preservation environment Temperature 20°C – 30°C, Humidity 45%-60%
Executive standard GB/T 17554.1-2006 GB/T1766-2008
Common problems The equipment does not match the anti-counterfeiting film, which results in incomplete film transfer and poor fastness.

The Performance index in the table is the typical value for reference, not guarantee value, please confirm all details to contract. The above index is the typical value is not guaranteeing value, only for reference. The specific index is subject to the contract.

The above indicator data may be further improved with technology and machine update, please contact us to confirm all details. Due to the advancement of technology, the above indicators may be further improved. Please consult the sales engineer to confirm.

Product parameter
Hologram overlay varnish ribbon
20um PET
Cr80 card or customized
Supply form
In roll, 400 pcs cards per roll
Protect printing information of Cards
Industry application
– Staff ID / Access Card
– Traffic & Travel Event ID
– Student ID / Library Card
–Healthcare and Social Welfare Cards
Matched equipment
Special card laminator

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