Governments are responsible for creating secure documents of great value and identity. Such documents include banknotes , ID cards, passports and tax stamps which meets all the verification and authentication requirements of all user groups.

Dynamic anti-counterfeiting, anti-fraud and anti-tampering strategies are required to meet and ensure that the important national documents are designed and perform in ways that both counterfeiters and fraudsters cannot compromise the documents security.

Security Hologram® is experienced in supplying and consulting both government departments and central banks in the qualification of innovative security materials and specification of high security documents such as banknotes, passports, ID cards, tax stamps and others.


 Our solutions include:

• Security Hologram Security Stickers, Security Labels, Security Tamper Evident Tapes

• Tamper Evident Security Bags

• Identification Cards Security Pouches
• Immigration Documents
• Tax Stamps
• Healthcare Identity Cards

• Security Risk Assessment & Consulting etc.


 Why Security Hologram®?

We are professional in manufacturing of Tamper Evident Security Labels, Security Hologram Stickers, Destructible Security Labels, Invisible Hologram Labels, Tamper Evident Security Tapes, Security Bags, Temperature Indicators, Water Contact Indicator Tapes, Humidity Indicators, Reflective Films, Luminous Films, RFID, Smart Cards, Security Hologram Pouches and Security Hologram ID Card Overlays.

• Security Hologram® provides a broad portfolio of solutions to support government to protect their citizens. We offer governments a combination of security technologies that make authentication and identification easier.
• Security Hologram® provides solutions include:
o strong anti-counterfeit security feature designs
o government focused project consultation
o highly secure QR codes systems,
o wide spectrum of overt, covert, forensic security features
o Security printings solutions and so on.
• Security Hologram® offers contract research capacity to develop unique, custom-specified security features.
• Security Hologram® Authentication-on-demand Service using secure QR codes with data-rich track and trace reporting capabilities.