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Security Hologram, LLC

SH2016 "AUTHENTIC" Round Tamper Evident Security Hologram Sticker, High Security Sticker, Warranty Tamper Proof Holographic Labels, 810/8,100/81,000

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1. TAMPER EVIDENT-- Remove the SECURITY HOLOGRAM® Tamper evident sticker, and a permanent mark "VOID" text will be left on the surface of the protected item, which is an obvious removal mark to ensure that your item is not tampered with, Protect your assets.
2. WATERPROOF--The sticker material is waterproof, even if water drops on the surface, the sticker will not be damaged.
3. UNIVERSAL STICKERS-- SECURITY HOLOGRAM® tamper-proof stickers can be applied to the surface of items or packaging, they can be applied to almost any material surface, such as paper, plastic, steel, etc., which means that they can be used as universal stickers.
4. AFTER-SALES GUARANTEE--if the sticker you received is damaged due to express delivery, you can replace it with a new one for free. If you are not satisfied with our sticker or find any problems, you can contact us as soon as possible, and we will Solve this problem at the first time and give you a good shopping